Hello, my name is Nigel Butters, living for most of my life in and around the Pontypridd area in south Wales. I am originator of Mango Amplification, designer and builder of guitar amplifier and accessories. Now, I am not prolific on social media circles and initially only wanted this blog to inform my customers that I have now retired, but to be able to contact me via this page. Then I thought that was a bit of a waste so will include some of my interests and views. You will see that developing in coming weeks.

First, my background.

I have been involved in electronic engineering for most of my life. First as a Senior test development engineer with Perkin Elmer Ltd., global manufacturer of scientific analytical instrumentation, and later as worldwide technical support manager with Biotrace Ltd., manufacturer of biotechnology monitoring instrumentation.

In 2000, having become disillusioned with the global company politics rat-race, I decided to start the new millennium afresh, leave it all and become involved with web and media design and started Mango Media. Bespoke web design for smaller companies was the emphasis here and was fairly successful for a while, but after a few years I could see that self-design template based methods was going to become popular so decided to place my skills elsewhere.

For some time I had been playing around with guitar amplifier designs as an interest and when a few local guitarists said “you really should start making these” I decided to do just that. One of them became my first customer and bought a Mango Duo 18 18watt amplifier and cabinet. Both Guitar Buyer and Guitar and Bass magazines gave my amps rave reviews and I gradually build up a small base of discerning customers. At the same time I forged a part time career teaching photography for the times when no orders came in

However I am now 63 and have decided to retire to concentrate on my other interests, namely photography, mountain biking, music and multi-rotor UAV (drone – I hate that term) flying.

You will see more of this on these pages in coming weeks.




One thought on “About”

  1. Hi Mr. Butters, It was with sadness that I discovered you had retired. I was directed to you by Andy at RAT amps who made some amps for us. We have his single ended EVJ conversions and mine has both a 6L6 and EL84 output stage which can be run together. Unfortunately as we play bigger gigs the separation from the close proximity to the amp means I can not get the physical coupling I require to keep the amp and guitar on the verge of mayhem. I use this method of controlling my ’54 Les Paul Junior just via the volume which takes the least amount of effort as I have to sing and provide a modicum of entertainment for the audience whilst coaxing feedback at the appropriate times. I had asked Andy to make me a single ended amp with either a KT88 or two EL34 in parallel but he felt his skills were not up to the task and suggested I get in touch with you. Please let m know if you can help in any way – it might seem like a plaintive cry from the wilderness but like you after a lifetime in electronics I have never stopped loving writing, recording and playing , mostly my own tunes with the occasional , Hendrix, Beatles, Bad Finger to show people what they are missing :o) Much respect – B’bi (Venus Grove)


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